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Steven Stolp

Hey everyone 👋 My name is Steven Stolp, and I am from Carol Stream, Illinois. I grew up around car guys my entire life, and it guided me into my kinesthetic process of learning.

I learn by doing.

My field of knowledge broadened at the age of twelve, when I got my first job on a construction site. This passion fueled various projects around my neighborhood; including three story tree houses, BMX ramps, and even a full skate park in my backyard.

(Thanks mom!)

I always envisioned myself being a carpenter, or construction worker, until a series of layoffs pushed me in a different direction. May 16th, 2010, I shipped off to Navy boot camp. I served in The United States Navy for 6 honorable years, most of which in San Diego, California. 

After my first tour, I realized my life was missing something. I had no creative outlet. Days after I was honorably discharged from the United States Navy, I enrolled in college to start my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. During my college career in San Diego, I started building furniture, and working as a handyman on the popular app TaskRabbit as a side gig. During this time, that I realized I was capable of building unique storage solutions for the typical small home in San Diego. Stolp Solutions was born.

After graduating community college, I had a gap between semesters, and a full summer with absolutely no obligations. I don’t enjoy having a large amount of free time. I have to create and refine any craft I take on.

 I also suffer from traveler’s anxiety.

Yeah, a guy that builds vans made for traveling, is scared to travel? This is what triggered the idea to convert vans. The safe feeling of home, but on wheels. I always wanted to see the world and push my limits, but I would find myself constantly making excuses.

I woke up on July 7th, 2019, anxious, with a strange problem. Bills were paid, but I had no "job", and too much free time. I grabbed my computer, and hopped on craigslist. Four hours later, there was a 1997 Ambulance in front of my house. I always wanted to build a van, due to my lifelong tinkering skills, but I was concerned  about the monetary means involved. After 4 months of completely winging it, the RADBULANCE was created. The positive feedback I received from this creation, blew my mind, and motivated me to sell and build again.

I will continue building unique vans, and hopefully inspire others along the way. 

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