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Rambo First Mud

Rambo First Mud is by far the best creation we have put out yet. My clients Tyler and Erika gave me 100% creative freedom to build their dream. The platform was a 2001 Ford E450 Red Cross ERV (emergency response vehicle). This rig came equipped with one of the best engines America has ever made, the 7.3 liter PowerStroke. Therefore, weight was no issue for this monster. The 4x4 conversion was done my ujoint off road and the front bumper was made by Aluminess. The exterior is coated with Line-X ultra. Going into the interior, the power system is all victron with two massive battle born batteries. Climate control is done by a Espar diesel heater and a cruise n comfort 12v air conditioner. There is 4 zones of refrigeration onboard, provided by Phalcon Overland. Rambo is designed to go anywhere for extended periods, so we installed 66 gallons of fresh water along with a large propane cylinder. All of this is hidden behind San Diego's best cabinet maker. Each piece is handcrafted and custom fit. The cabinetry is made out of Walnut and provides a stunning result. Stay tuned for the video of this beaut!

More images can be found at @stolp_solutions Instagram

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